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The 2nd Annual Galway Bay Gallop

Oh yes, it’s back. Led by our favorite Irish Rogue Runner, Maura, the race will be an out and back course in Central Park. And, just like last year, there’s a catch: all contestants must imbibe one alcoholic drink (beer or shot of whiskey) before pursuing to the next “aid” station.

See y’all on the 17th. Cheers!

Date: Sunday, March 17
Time: 2:00 pm
Course: Out and back—starting in the middle of 102 transverse, down to Tavern on the Green (68th Street) and ending back at 102.
After party: Dive Bar at 96th Street


There are two aid stations: One at the start and one at 72nd street. All contestants must drink their alcoholic beverages before pursuing to the next aid station. This race is handicapped: Contestants will be asked for their best average pace for a 4 miler.

A total of three alcoholic beverages will be consumed (one at each aid station). The winner will be announced when the the first person finishes their third and final drink.

All contestants must be of legal drinking age.

Prizes include a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey, a bottle of baileys Irish cream, Galway bay seafoods t-shirt, and some other little surprises! 


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