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Recaps: The New York Hot Dog Challenge

Here are the collection of Hot Dog Challenge race recaps!

“The concept for this race was born 7-10 years ago. As I was walking with friends Mirko and Benny (I wasn’t even a runner at the time) we laughed at a crazy idea. “What if you had to run through midtown and every time you passed  hot dog cart you had to eat one!” Such a sick and twisted idea. I loved it. Little did I know, years later I would be friends with a group of athletes crazy enough to pull it off!”
Beyond Defeat

“Jillian urges us to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” She probably wasn’t referring to eating hot dogs in mass quantities.”
Will Run For Beer

“And after spotting the nine other competitors — most of whom were seasoned marathon veterans — my confidence wasn’t particularly high. (Best comment I got from one of my soon-to-be opponents: “I mean, those are kind of running shoes.”)”


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