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New York Hot Dog Challenge



The 2014 Course Map!
The race will start at the north end of the Mall in Central Park by the Bandshell.

The 3rd Annual New York Hot Dog Challenge will take place at high noon on February 15 this year! It’s always an exciting race, even if you just come volunteer to ref the competitors. Last year a new competitor, Bo, took the grand prize of $350 since no women finished the race. We expect an even greater prize purse this year and e really need some women to come compete so these guys don’t get all the money! (prize purse is split between 1st male and 1st female)

For those new to the NYHDC it’s simple. Run, walk or crawl the 3-5 mile course and at every one of the 10 hot dog carts you encounter you must eat a hot dog (with bun) before proceeding. The full list of rules are below.
Race recap from 2013: http://beyonddefeat.com/?p=1526

Competitors. Please email me baker@friendsofbaker.com to confirm your entry, there is only a $10 fee which goes into the prize purse.
Referees. You will be running the course making sure competitors don’t cheat.
Prize Money. $1 or $10, it all helps! Go to Paypal.com and ‘Send Money’ to baker@friendsofbaker.com. I will be updating the Prize Pot as donations are received.

Dave Tao
Matt Six
Neal Zondlo
Juan Becerra
Ross M
Greg P

Cat Stern
Stephanie J


Thanks to our Title Sponsor!


The race director will release a very specific map the night before the race. It will be in Manhattan starting in the midtown area. Contestants will follow the navigate the map exactly as it is plotted, otherwise disqualified. Along the course, every time a contestant comes across a hotdog stand, they must eat one hotdog before moving forward.

02/15: NOON
PRIZE: Cash (we will be collecting money from donations and sponsors)
TO DONATE: Go to Paypal.com and ‘Send Money’ to baker at friendsofbaker.com. I will be updating the Prize Pot as donations are received.

– No teams, only individual competitors
– Race Director Baker will announce the course the day before as to ensure no practice runs are made and hand out a map the day of the race.
– The course will be in Midtown Manhattan and no more than 5 miles
– Race will start at noon
– Competitors must stick to the course exactly, and upon passing a ‘Hot Dog Cart’ must eat a hot dog before continuing
– Competitors may not proceed forward until the hotdog is completely eaten
– ‘Hot Dog Cart’ is defined by a free standing cart selling only hot dogs and pretzels.
– Halal Trucks, or any other food truck that might sell a hot dog does not count. Indoor restaurants do not count
– Any (or no) toppings are legal
– The bun must also be eaten
– Any (or no) beverages may be consumed. Beverages may be brought from home or purchased along the course
– Puking disqualifies competitor
– Winner is defined as any competitor who has completed the course quickest, therefore walking, running, skipping are all accepted on course.
– Vehicles (bikes, roller blades, scooters, automobiles) are illegal
– Winners (1st place male, 1st place female) will split the cash prize generated from donations
– Competitors are allowed ‘Hot Dog Sponsors’ that can help pay for competitor’s hot dogs for a share of the winnings (assuming their competitor wins)
– ‘Hot Dog Sponsors’ are responsible for their own deals and may sponsor multiple competitors but must make it public knowledge who they are sponsoring
– New York Hot Dog Challenge website will feature logos/links to any sponsors donating cash or other prizes for the winners
– Each competitor will be assigned a referee whom will follow them and make sure they adhere to the rules



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