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Recap: The 3rd Annual Whiskeython

The 2014 Whiskeython took place last Sunday. “Whiskeython? Whoa, what’s that?!” Put simply… 2 laps of the lower loop in which the winner takes home a bottle of booze. For all you non-runners, 2 laps of the lower loop is just over 3 miles. —Beyond Defeat

Recaps: The 2nd Annual Dizzy Bat Race.

Thanks to all who came out to East Meadow for the 2nd Annual Dizzy Bat Race! Cheers to all—once again, no one vomitted! Success. “It’s like he’s jumping in place or something. He fell hard on the woodchips under the tree, and got a little scrape.” ~ Running And The City

Recaps: The 2nd Annual New York Hot Dog Challenge

What you missed at the latest New York Hot Dog Challenge: “All I was the only woman competing, so provided I ate all ten dogs, didn’t puke and finished, I’d split the total cash prize (of $350) with the male winner. Best shot at winning a race EVER!!!!” ~ MsRitz “Bo and Matt6 took of […]

Recaps: The Galway Bay Gallop

Behold, a new way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Read what people had to say about the inaugural Galway Bay Gallop! As I was running I kept looking way ahead, wondering when I would see the first group on their return trip and the impossible task of trying to catch them.—Beyond Defeat So let me […]

Recaps: The New York Hot Dog Challenge

Here are the collection of Hot Dog Challenge race recaps! “The concept for this race was born 7-10 years ago. As I was walking with friends Mirko and Benny (I wasn’t even a runner at the time) we laughed at a crazy idea. “What if you had to run through midtown and every time you […]

Recap: Cardiac Crusher’s 4 Mile Prediction Run

So you think you know what it takes to win a prediction run? Think again. “It’s brilliant in design because it really doesn’t matter if you are a fast runner, what matters is understanding and listening to your own body.”—Beyond Defeat “The trick, of course, is that you can’t wear your Garmin or another timing […]

Recap: Baker’s Funtastic Four Miler

Welcome to the inaugural Baker’s Funtastic Four Miler and the first race of the New York Rogue Runners! “Hats off to Miss Greenburg for pushing me through the four miles and giving me good coaching advice. And hats off to my competitors who crushed it in the park. And to His Lordship for making some […]